KAPS Batteries extends its customer offerings by selling services and systems that enhance vehicle performance and fleet utilization or reduce risk of loss of power problems. KAPS Batteries is providing energy solutions – not merely batteries.

Full range of Original, Genuine world best known branded Batteries for Saloon Cars, 4 x 4, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Machinery, Motorboat, Motorbike & Inverters, etc…



To be the preferred brand of automotive batteries, creating benchmark value for investors


1.Customers : To develop strong bonding through
-Exceeding customer expectations in QCD performance
-Creating value through differentiated product offerings

2.Employees : To create an organization that promotes excellence by

-Freedom to experiment
-Work-life balance

3.Suppliers : To foster long term partnerships by

-Delivering on transparent contractual terms
-Ensuring enhancement of their processes and capabilities



-Customer Focus
-Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer needs and exceeding expectations passion for excellence
-Relentlessly improving, continuously raising the bar in everything we do
integrity in all our dealings
-All our actions and dealings should be capable of standing the test of public scrutiny respect and understanding
-We must be caring, compassionate, humane and respectful in all our interpersonal dealings responsibility
-Take ownership for the consequences of one’s decisions and actions